Welcome to my chaos.

Writing this blog has been on every single one of my to-do lists for nearly two years… I knew how valuable a space this could be in my attempts to process what a devastatingly confusing year it has been, yet I couldn’t bring myself to actually write anything as I had no idea where to even start! However, being familiar with the blogging community here and observing the kind of shared support and insight offered to one another, I knew I would be robbing myself of the perspective I so desperately need right now, and specifically from bloggers who I know will understand. With that in mind, I took the plunge and decided to start writing at whatever point in my story I felt I needed to. It won’t be in chronological order and it will be somewhat confusing to follow – for both of us! But I will do my best to answer or elaborate on any points which may not be clear enough, so please just make a comment on these and I will keep trying to improve.

Thank you for being here,

Love Eva


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